LN 47 is a premium ribbon for Near edge printers. Its speed, sensitivity, versatility and blackness provides a perfectly adapted answer to a large majority of applications. This ribbon prints at speeds 800mm/s and has very high resistance to smudge, excellent sensitivity and receptor multi comaptibility.

LN 42

LN 42 is premium ribbon specially developed for near edge printers. It produces exceptionally black bar codes and images with no show through. Lemmaco’s LN 42 prints well on both rough, uncoated stocks and smooth, coated stocks. Antistatic designed.

LN 48

LN 48 is a premium ribbon for near edge printers. It has excellent sensitivity, very high resistance to smudge and receptor multi compatibility very good printing quality at high speed and sharpness of 90°C.

LN 150

LN 150 as a standard resin ribbon meets the majority of stringent requirements in a variety of industries due to its ultra-high cost performance, exceptionally good scratch resistance, water and sunlight resistance and corrosion resistance for certain labels. Excellent print quality with high temperature resistance.

LN 151

LN 151 as a premium resin ribbon is utilized for its vast substrate multi- compatibility, superior stain and corrosion resistance and high- temperature resistance. Outstanding printing quality, superior solvent resistance, good substrate compatibility.

LN 56

LN 56 is designed for near-edge type print heads. LN 56 gives extremely fast print speeds up to 26 IPS(660mm per second) Perfect for prime retail flexible packages. LN 56 has remarkable image density, superior abrasion resistance. This ribbon is halogen free and anti-static for easy handling and extended print head life. The specially formulated backcoating protect the printhead.