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Marking technology

In the marking technology Lemmaco Kft. is proud to announce that we can offer complete solutions, from blank labels up to the thermal transfer ribbons.
We understand that each industry and every application has unique requirements, and that the ribbon as well as the blank label needs to have certain functionality and durability characteristics for that market sector. Lemmaco Kft. has the right kind of product for your application with distinctive needs of each market.
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Printing industry

Just like in the marking technology, in the printing industry as well Lemmaco Kft. has developed different kind of formulations specifically designed to meet all the challenges of substrates, design and production. Hot&cold stamping foils, UV Varnishes, Laminating- and windows patching films, we offer a wide range of products for all kind of needs in the printing industry. Whether used off-line or with rotary stamping equipment, our foils produce a crisp, durable impression and provide the highest quality finished product with a superior level of shine and brilliance.
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