SL metallic foil is suitable for use on all machine types in the graphics industry. Universal adhesion properties on printed, unprinted and  lacquered  surface.


The NS series is a special quality for fine area stamping on paper, board, laminated or lacquered surfaces and plastic. Has excellent property of embossing stamping.


With LK you get fine definition with reliable release. It’s suitable for using on various stamping machine types. Universal application on unprinted, printed and resin  coated  paper. Nice effect to stamping on UV varnish / coated / paper.


BTO serie gives fine definition with medium release, high gloss level, good abrasion and scratch resistance. Suitable for use on nearly all machine types in the graphic industry at high speed.


With a wide range of materials exceptionally well on bookbinding materials, embossing jobs. Has high gloss and excellent broad coverage.

OP Plus

Over printable metallic foil with both conventional and most of UV inks. Dyne level approximately 40 after stamping. Good adhesion on the substrates. Fine/medium to broad definition with consistent release. Good  abrasion and scratch resistance.


- Solid coverage from small to broad areas
• Wide suitability to various substrates including uncoated rough papers
• Applied on part of varnishes including water based, conventional and
UV cured
• High processing speed on all machine types, especially rotary


AL is a high Performance Metallic Foil with a medium release and fine definition on myriad of substrates including thermoplastic coatings such as OPP laminates and papers.